Saturday, October 16, 2010

PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Retro Radio

Retro Radio ok Moms check this show out !!!! great guests
listen to archived shows of our generations celebs!!!
Love this show

Facebook | Ericandmarilyn Retroradiolive

Facebook | Ericandmarilyn Retroradiolive

I'.m still Here

I am still here. I have been so busy with the 3 boys. Dealing with some health issues of my own. Trying to deal with so much. I hope to be back soon when I have my own computer. I am using hubby's office pc in intervals lol.

best wishes to all

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is the farm where alot of my pics and fun are from :) this was last yrs music fest cant wait for this yrs !!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow it is the middle of July already. I can not grasp how quickly time goes by. I really wish i could sometimes. Even when I stop in the moment and think how sweet it is and I savor it, yet it is over quicker then I can think it. 
The boys are growing so fast and the baby is walking all over. I will be 39 this August. Good grief. I guess just to old to have anymore babies and hubby is done. I wish I was younger and healthier. My anxiety is the least of it. More or less is my BP  and arthritis. I do so love my boys but yes I did and do dream of a girl. I have actually had to stop thinking of a girl's name for future child but alas I am done and embraced by three wonderful little roughigans and I am pleased. Overjoyed really as about 7 1/2 yrs ago i ached to have just one child and for it to be a he and I thought it would not happen for me and I am so blessed to have my darling son GW  who is now a big boy @ 6yrs old. Moreover I am triply blessed to have 2 more bouncing boys. They are some bunch "my boys" hubby included. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Days

Its been a hot busy summer so far and We are having a lot of fun over here at the Gerold home. My boys are all home with me and the pool is our constant playground and the actual playground .

  My boys are getting so big GW turned 6 this June and had "Star Wars" party where dad set up a Jedi training Area and then Darth himself paid the kids a visit.

Today my baby boy turned one!! 
      I am not ready !

My Jacob will be 3 in sept. He is such a handful and needs lots of attention and Activity.

The summer so far has been nice and we have had a lot of fun so far and hubby and I  have even gone out with out children 

sure it was right down the road @ our favorite farm which really made it nice since we had a wine and cheese party and it was beautiful and yummy and I cant wait to do it again!!

 I also wish I took more photos but I was to busy having fun!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


The weeks fly by so fast and the weekends even faster, so its nice to just sit and enjoy the moment with friends and food and pretty things. I am lucky to live down the road from a farm and the owner is my age and we have alot in common.  When she asked me to come to her cottage for a tea party I was so excited. She has the prettiest cottage.      You can find pics in other posts of the outside and the farm. Here are some of that day (I wish i took more). I met two very nice women who I have seen before but as Stephenie (one of the ladies I met) said another face in the crowd. We would all be at the same get togethers at the farm but never met. I actually know names and even a litttle bit about them.  For me thats so improtant as i tend to seclude myself (anxiety?disorder) at times and over the yrs find myself without many girl friends. So now I made two new girlfriends. Brenda and Stephanie thanks for making me feel so comfortable and I can't wait for sunset cocktails @ the farm with the lovely Dawn. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have not had one second to sit and write and when I do sit here I find myself lost in a sea of blogs. They just carry me away. I feel like im on an adventure and love all the things I find. Today I saw pop corn lollipops dipped in white chocolate @ "Brown Paper Bag". Ofcourse I got lost in all the wonderful projects and links leading me to other blog like "Beyond the Picket Fence" where I am inspired to start painting my kitchen chairs.

I love getting to travel back in time with all my favorite vintage,victorian, and retro bloggers.  Check out
 "Jersey Girl Blog" and "Bobby Pin Blog".  There are so many more but I do spend all my time looking and not writing. Thats ok I have fun and get inspired like at "Todays Creative Blog Spot".   I could just keep going but I am now sitting here way too long. gota run. Visit those sites and have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy Evening

Sat in hubby's office early this evening and enjoyed a storm that threatened to break all day. His office is a room (front porch) full of windows and it was so relaxing and cool. 
 It was a low stress day today. Thank goodness my baby feels better and is finally napping during the days in his crib. He still nurses but really just 2 times a day and only for a few mins then i give him his snugy/bottle with formula and then daddy puts him in bed. my 2 yr old and almost 6 yr old need more to do during the day. Tomorrow I am off to the craft store to find some things I need for tea cup charms I'm making and I will look for things for the boys. Maybe goto the educational teacher store.
I need to keep them busy or they start fighting out of boredom. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can hardly believe my lil baby is 11 months old already.  I remember the day i brought him home how excited my boys were to see this little baby that was in mommy's big belly.  
Wow it all is going so fast.  I truly wish i was a couple yrs younger to have more or try for that girl. Oh well what can I do. I love my boys so much.  
Last night was so sad for me. I am still nursing Ethan, all though he is being weaned he gets breastfed before bed. He also was running a fever (still is pediatrician @ 10 today) so this could be why he absolutely did not want to nurse or be any where near me.  It was so strange to me and it made me emotional. 

Facebook | My Photos - my handmade jewel's

Facebook | My Photos - my handmade jewel's

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well I really have been thinking about my life and what changes need to be made.  This makes for a very long list.   

  • Organize the kids stuff
  •     "          our stuff
  • Keep a calender
  • put items back after use
  • lose some weight
  • make a craft area 
  • eliminate extra clothing
  • establish a morning routine before the family awakes
  • leave the house more often
This last one is a major change.  Why? I dont know if its because I have been home so long nursing  my infant children over the past 2 yrs or if its my anxiety.  the thought of getting everyone  (me included) dressed and out to the car is daunting. Then where to go?  I usually cant think of anywhere that doesnt cost something.  Parks are scarey with 3 small children.  I dont know if I am making excuses here or not.  I think I may have a little depression as well. 
One thing about thinking of the things you want to change can put you in a very negative state of mind.  I cant seem to find the answers or maybe I deny seeing them. I know I will be praying on it.
 Hope this post makes sense to you all. It's a bit random like me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Plus-size Dress at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

Vintage Plus-size Dress at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing
i would love to get this dress

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's A Household Notebook? | Organized Home

What's A Household Notebook? | Organized Home

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday in May

What a beautiful day today was.  First off hubby let me sleep to 10:30 this morning. 

He also made me pancakes for breakfast.

Then we went to the farm that is right down the road from our house.  We just love it!  The boys run around, we pick strawberries.

 I love Dawn's little cottage

And the shop area

         This keeps the country girl in me alive

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow it's another weekend

The week's are just flying by so fast and we have so much to do. GW has his 6th birthday coming and then my baby boy turns one in july and JD turns 3 in September. I also turn 39 this summer and I think we will skip that one or not I love cake HEHE .

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breading without eggs? - Home Cooking - Chowhound

Breading without eggs? - Home Cooking - Chowhound

ok so usually I let Eric (hubby) get the kids up and moving and I pretty much sit around with my coffee, feed the baby and help with breakfast, but as far as getting them up and out of bed I just dont have the patience for. I wind up starting everyones day off on a sour note, so I just let eric get it all started. 
Today though Eric had some business  in NYC and he leeft before everyone woke. I got up at 7 and had everyone up dressed and fed by 8:15 and time to relax before the bus came at 8:38am. Everyone was in a good mood noone was rushed and I may be the one waking them from now on. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Letters From A Convict

Letters From A Convict
great blog old but very touching


I sometimes wonder am i the only one who has no girl friends. I wonder why I am not included in girls night out. It gets so lonely when I hear about this one and their girlfriends going out with out kids or that one and their girl friend and the kids spent the afternoon together. I just have to be happy they r not like me with no friends and only my children to socialize with.  I sound pathetic. Oh well. it's a little bit how I feel. Lonely.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Housewife blues

I dont know how all you mom's do it!! I am so tired and I did only the absolute must do's.  How do you clean house while a 2 yr old is systematically taking apart each room. Formula all over the pantry and kitchen. Every drawer in the house emptied.  good grief I am completely frustrated today. Typically on days like this I dont want to do a darn thing. BUT!!  George has baseball practice and JAke and the baby need to eat dinner take baths and ethan will nurse. The dishes are still dirty and laundry well lets just say I have "some" to do.  I really need a night out. I have not had a night out since I conceived ethan (20 months ago!!) I don't really go anywhere or have any friends close by.  I tend to be ahome body but even this Bird needs to fluff her feathers once every 2 yrs.  Tomorrow is friday maybe I will go to Karaokie. When I wrote that I felt no desire to go out to the pub or sing. I must be getting old. I am hoping tonight to get in the J-tub with a glass of wine. I will have to get to that laundry first tho if i want to get into a clean bed or clean jammies or dry off....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lyme Disease

So my son got sent home from school for a rash ( he has eczema) but we took him to the doctors to make sure. While waiting to go I checked his scalp and found a tick daddy removed it. the other night i saw what looked like a mosquito bite and we put cortione on it today it looked like a bulls eye ring. So at his appointment the doctor thinks its lyme so he is giving him 4 weeks of antibiotics.  He said you can test for it in 4 weeks. I am so worried about him. I am so sick of the ticks and we have too much property not enough house and there r lots of trees and over growth.  We sprayed once but it ws supposed to be done in the next 2 days to kill any eggs that hatch that wasnt done. I am so frustrated right now. well I am off to search about lyme disease and tick extermination.

what I found on google health 

Monday, May 10, 2010

pages for my boys

so I have decided to make pages (fun) pages that is for my boys. I am also thinking I might make a social group for just family with a calender and pics and such. I had such a hard time getting my blog started and finally i got it but now I want more more more . lol I guess i should leave the boys pages private. yo never know what sicko is looking. I hate being that way but some people just are that sick and my only defense is protecting my children. My George is already very comuter literate and he is not even six yet. He is learning to read and I know I will have to watch him like a hawk on this thing. anyway back to editing learning and building!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

new name new look

so I have changed the name, which now includes dear hubby and I like it : ) I also have a new look (big thank you to scrap e blogspot. Now that I have learned a little more on editing I can make pages for my boys. 
Happy blogging 

test posts ..are they annoying

I am trying like heck to make this page a reflection of me and my family but I find little time to get on here and i have no way of knowing if it worked other then to test post..

Why is it so hard to create this page

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogger Pictures

Treadmill's and Toddler's

No one had an babies are all fine. Today I had a stress test for the first time. I was nervous about it. I tend to talk alot when i am nervous so ofcourse i told the nurse and tech that I had never been on a treadmill. So they start me off and immediatly they raised it to a jog and uphill so i thought i was going to fall and I jumped off. The tech wasnt going to let me do it again and I told her to give me a break I was nervous i was going to fall. So I did do it and I had some extra beats and high BP. So I will see what the doctor says. Now that money is tight Jake is home with me as well and after 12 I have all three with me..sheesh I need a plan. Jake my 2 yr old has me going nuts trying to keep him occupied especialy when I am trying to nurse the baby. Tho those days are coming, sadly and fortunately to a close. Ethan is so active and chasing the two of them should really help me get in shape.

Not just me and three little boys

SO hubby thinks the name of my blog implies I am single mom raising three boys. Sooo I fell asleep last night thinking of a new name..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little League Little oops

I finally made it to Georgies T-ball game. All 5 of us scramble to get there on time. Everyone in the van, pulling out the driveway and George say's "Look at Jakes feet!" Oops..forgot to put shoes on him. turn around got the shoes now scrambling to get there 5 mins late..oops. We get there and it's a beautiful early evening game. Poppy is there and helps. George did great. Game is over time for snack...oops It was our turn to bring snacks. Ok big oops. Boy did I feel like the worst mom. Well just to make up for it I am thinking of bring them all snack for after practice, tho they don't normally have snack but for game day. I don't think anyone will mind and it shows I do care. What to bring them. .. hmmm, well I have a day to think about it.

socks socks and more socks

Is it a boy thingh?? I have baskets of socks drawers of sock. I am buried under a mountain of boys white socks. And yet we spent an hour searching for georges red sock for his t ball game. I think I will start to make some puppets....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why is Kindergarten so stressful

My oldest is in kindergarten and I feel like I am back at school. The amount of work they do is the amount I did in 4th 5th grade. He comes home with the work he did 4 or 5 sheets of it in two hours !! then home work every night!! The stress to remember everything and take care of my 2 yr old and 9 month old. Then when his penmanship is that of a 5 yr old she marks his paper up with be fat 4 or question marks and X's. I wonder if it's just me or are they not putting to much on our kids so fast. ha today they made them stay a full school day to make up for snow days. The teacher called us flabergasted that we could forget his thursday they get pizza on the full makeup day. She couldnt understand that we got the two days confused.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

catch up a little

Time just flies and I find myself wishing I had taken the time to sit and blog about my boys and our family and all the small things that occur. Like jake dressing himself and not wanting to focus on anything but the positive we let him goto preschool with his shirt on inside out. Like Ethan being 9 months old already and his silly but very cute laugh and his newest is dancing with his arms and boppin his head when any little music plays (tv commercials from the other room). My George wow is gonna be 6 in june and is now playing tee ball and daddy is coaching. Fist game is on thursday. They are so young they mostly try to chase the ball. They havent even gotten to using the bat and hitting the ball so the game should very interesting. So I plan to find my way on here to write and not just play pogo or scan facebook.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

spring marches in

I am super excited about spring and the last week here in nj was all spring weather. I started my spring cleaning. Washed curtains vacuumed cleaned the windows took all the toys out of the lr. I even bought forward....2 days later...the curtins r still clean but thats about it. Books toys snack wrappers crumbs on the floor..laaundry is piling up. Good grief..

Saturday, February 27, 2010


My children are seeing me talk about whats making me stressed and they see me resolve my issues and we talk together about it. both when they are mine or their's. Nobody is perfect. It's not what hapeens but how we react to them. Something my hubby has been saying to me forever. I am growing up with my kids and learning self control right along with them.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Laura Geller launches new website! Kick Off Dis...

Laura Geller launches new website! Kick Off Dis...

Finding the Joy

So today was a little better but I just a got a lot more help today with hubby kinda putting buisness on the backburner. So I know its the behaviors that are getting me upset. I need to find a way to teach them better behavior, in a calm manner, otherwise I will just be going in circles. I am the adult. I need to exhibite good behavior to teach good behavior. Then I can enjoy my children with out me constantly saying stop this dont do that and no one listening. I am off to find good parenting sites ideas. All to be posted!

My youngest

Scrapbook at
Photo Tinks by

Old Yeller

I have turned into one of those mom's.  You know those mom's who nag about everything.
A mom who yell's to be heard.  Yup I know it. I am on a mission to stop.  It's not easy. I try to stop when it happens but am having a very hard time.  The boys are bit wild but they have been snowed in and our house is pretty small and I find my self very stressed instead of enjoying the times that I know I am going to wish to have back in the future.  It doesnt help that I have high blood pressure and am not in good health.  I have not had a period in 17 months ( I was preggo's for 10 of those) and I have anxiety disorder. Also I am in remission from Graves Disease (due for testing on that).  I started a web site (through Google) and I think the first thing I am going to concentrate on Mom's like me who are stressed and or have health issues. I know it can help me and maybe others and my kids.  I love them and I want them to feel free to be children. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sleep baby sleep

well I have no choice but to let him cry it out. Ofcourse not a very long time as long as its daddy going to him and not mommy and milk. Im sitting here listining to him scream and its so hard, so so hard not to go to him. I know he is fine tho and daddy is right there...ok ok its gotten quiet now so either he fell asleep or his daddy picked him up. This has to happen as It will help to wean him as well. I just cant have a mobile one yr old child chasing me down for milk. Daddy just said he is a sleep HIGH FIVES !! 10 mins later.. screaming baby 2 mins later....wait wai t wa i t ....screaming baby...damit...should I go ..ok Im going
I'm trying to enjoy this or at least find the enjoyment in it. I just gave my two yr old and five yr old boys a bath. It was ridicules! Hitting and jumping around splashing. now normally daddy gives them baths and really lets them go crazy and when they go in our jetted tub he adds bubbles! I thought I could relax and let them goof off a little but I wound a yelling and screaming and getting all stressed out. Sooo next time, (yes a next time) It will be first the 2 yr old 10 mins alone 5 yr old gets in 5 mins together and the 2 yr old gets out. the 5 yr old will then wash himself and enjoy his 15 mins. Now I am gonna do this in two days providing they don't get too dirty tomorrow.

Shopping like a five yr old

I took my 5 yr old son with me to market and I think I let him pick out everything, because I came home with lots of chips crackers and cheese, cookies and cake!! I did buy veggies and fruit and meats so I am sure I was present.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sleeping solo

so my youngest son is 7 months old and he has been sleeping in my arms all his life. (you may hear me complain about the pain) Time to get him to sleep on his own. so today was a day of putting him down and picking him up. I'm exhausted. It all started with nursing and falling a sleep and just holding him till morning. I know its hard for me not to be near him so its got to be real hard on him. Hubby needs to stay with him at night but i find him waking me around 3ish to take over and the cycle just starts again. Tonight might be the night. Right now he is crying and as a nursing mom its hard not to go to him. its hard for hubby not to call me to him. oh sleep baby sleep ..pleasssse

The "blog" in me

OK so I started this blog and then realised every time I thought I was just posting i was actually making a new blog. sort of like a set of books and each post is like the chapter of that book. So organization is the key here ..and everywhere in my life and its just something I am having a hard time with. With three boys that is not a good thing. I guess I could write about that in a whole new blog....

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