Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its a Wonderful Life


My life has been and continues to be an incredible journey.  I have been so blessed with all that surrounds me.  My beautiful boys and my little baby girl. My loving doting husband.   Dont get me wrong, its not all cartwheels and butterflies. I have finally realised to let things be and to live with life in unison and not fight the currents.   Learn through everything! 

I learned when I ask for it comes. when I pray and meditate with Christ, I always am graced with receiving.   Now through prayer I have received the gift of Health in mind body and spirit. 

I have been looking to be apart of a MLM buisness. I just wanted to find the right one. I had been involved in a few over the years. Then I started my Miche buisness. Amazing pocketbooks with designer interchangeable shells. Amazing product but I could only do as well as each home party. I was just not in a position to commit to it. Anxiety played a big factor. Support also played a part. It just wasn't there. For me or the friend who turned me on to it. (No fault to my friend at all) 

Then I kept seeing posts from friends about how they were using natural remedies for health and healing. I asked about and was introduced to the greatest gift, Young Living Essential oils. Not only did I want and need the product but it fit in with my desire to start a buisness.   I was hooked. I am hooked! 

So dont be surprised when alot of my blogging is about this product and the people who use me. 
Im so Excited to be a part of something that can give so much to others. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring 2013

We just held my baby girls 1st birthday party. Everything turned out great, though nothing like I had imagined it would be,  in terms of theme and decorating. I had all these great ideas for a shabby chic garden party. I made a whole board (on Pinterest) dedicated to Trulie Rose first birthday. I had very grandiose ideas but new it could be done with planning. I could plan all I wanted but with 60 people I needed to let go of this cute little cottage garden party image   There will be next year:) It was a great party and all my family was there, and some of Eric's. Everyone was very generous and Trulie received beautiful dresses and outfits. A baby doll she just loves and so much more. It was a great day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's been a long time

Wow it has been so long since I have written in this blog. I have been busy with my boys and have had a baby girl since.  Her name is Trulie Rose and she is the princess of our family. After three boys I am so pleased and excited to have my little girl Trulie. She is already 13 weeks old and the sweetest baby ever.

I love my family so very much and am blessed with such beautiful children. G is 8 and J is going to be 5 in Sept and E is 3 yrs old.  In sept G and J will be in school and E and Truie will be home with me.

The summer is going by so fast. Yesterday we went to the beach for the first time and it went well, but I did have nightmares about my G being swept off.  He really did go out to far and his dad was too far away from him, so I am not in a rush to bring them back. I really was never a beach "person". It was a nice time though.

We are off to the farm today to a summer BBQ with friends today.  My boys are at church right now.

I hope to write more often and hope to get a new camera soon, maybe for my bday. My last was stolen by someone who turned out to be a nut job and not a friend at all. I sure have learned not to trust anyone again.
That's what happens when you get my age, you learn who people really are and time is short so no use even giving benefit of the doubt anymore. I have my family and really them and God are all I need.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To School and a New Job

This was a really long summer but now it seems like it was not long enough. I had all three boys at home. Little E who turned two this summer seems to copy every thing his older brothers do and that's usually yelling, fighting, making messes and saying no to me. J is almost four and G turned 7 this summer. I always worry how will they behave as they get older. Right now they are so defiant that I pretty much wind up screaming my head off for them to stop or else. I really have to get that or else going.  Inspite of all there not so good behavior they are so loving and caring. I could just cry when I see how much they adore each other. With two off to school (preschool) the house is very quiet and little E is restless. 4-8 pm is Loud and chaotic even more then when they were home all day. I wonder how big E will cope when I am working at my new Job. Its been 10 yrs since I have worked out side the home. I am so excited to get back but also stressed at how to work it all. I just will keep my fingers crossed and my hands together in prayer. What else can I do! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

How long a break

It's been sometime since I have been to this page. Not sure why I haven't been here. Three boy's and a way too many outside interference's kept me in a state of depression I wasn't even aware I had. Then something awful happened and threatened to end everything I hold dear. You never saw someone do a 180 so fast. I changed one thing which in turn changed everything. I am still a bit stressed with it being summer and not very good at entertaining three young boy's when I am constantly trying to keep one off the other or trying to get them to share. I do have a new great friend who has been a huge help to me this past couple weeks. Don't know what I would do with out our Lei Lei..I am so grateful we are able to help each other. My boys adore her. 
So with the one change i made in my life a lot of our so called friends have blown a way in the wind..just as well.
I have had a long break from reality and those people weren't getting back to it. It took the threat of losing it all to wake me up. I am so happy to be awake and living in the moment. I just truly pray The Lord keeps me on the path to knowledge, self worth, and peace. I love my boys and I love my husband I love my life!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Retro Radio

Retro Radio ok Moms check this show out !!!! great guests
listen to archived shows of our generations celebs!!!
Love this show

Facebook | Ericandmarilyn Retroradiolive

Facebook | Ericandmarilyn Retroradiolive

I'.m still Here

I am still here. I have been so busy with the 3 boys. Dealing with some health issues of my own. Trying to deal with so much. I hope to be back soon when I have my own computer. I am using hubby's office pc in intervals lol.

best wishes to all

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is the farm where alot of my pics and fun are from :) this was last yrs music fest cant wait for this yrs !!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow it is the middle of July already. I can not grasp how quickly time goes by. I really wish i could sometimes. Even when I stop in the moment and think how sweet it is and I savor it, yet it is over quicker then I can think it. 
The boys are growing so fast and the baby is walking all over. I will be 39 this August. Good grief. I guess just to old to have anymore babies and hubby is done. I wish I was younger and healthier. My anxiety is the least of it. More or less is my BP  and arthritis. I do so love my boys but yes I did and do dream of a girl. I have actually had to stop thinking of a girl's name for future child but alas I am done and embraced by three wonderful little roughigans and I am pleased. Overjoyed really as about 7 1/2 yrs ago i ached to have just one child and for it to be a he and I thought it would not happen for me and I am so blessed to have my darling son GW  who is now a big boy @ 6yrs old. Moreover I am triply blessed to have 2 more bouncing boys. They are some bunch "my boys" hubby included. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Days

Its been a hot busy summer so far and We are having a lot of fun over here at the Gerold home. My boys are all home with me and the pool is our constant playground and the actual playground .

  My boys are getting so big GW turned 6 this June and had "Star Wars" party where dad set up a Jedi training Area and then Darth himself paid the kids a visit.

Today my baby boy turned one!! 
      I am not ready !

My Jacob will be 3 in sept. He is such a handful and needs lots of attention and Activity.

The summer so far has been nice and we have had a lot of fun so far and hubby and I  have even gone out with out children 

sure it was right down the road @ our favorite farm which really made it nice since we had a wine and cheese party and it was beautiful and yummy and I cant wait to do it again!!

 I also wish I took more photos but I was to busy having fun!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


The weeks fly by so fast and the weekends even faster, so its nice to just sit and enjoy the moment with friends and food and pretty things. I am lucky to live down the road from a farm and the owner is my age and we have alot in common.  When she asked me to come to her cottage for a tea party I was so excited. She has the prettiest cottage.      You can find pics in other posts of the outside and the farm. Here are some of that day (I wish i took more). I met two very nice women who I have seen before but as Stephenie (one of the ladies I met) said another face in the crowd. We would all be at the same get togethers at the farm but never met. I actually know names and even a litttle bit about them.  For me thats so improtant as i tend to seclude myself (anxiety?disorder) at times and over the yrs find myself without many girl friends. So now I made two new girlfriends. Brenda and Stephanie thanks for making me feel so comfortable and I can't wait for sunset cocktails @ the farm with the lovely Dawn. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have not had one second to sit and write and when I do sit here I find myself lost in a sea of blogs. They just carry me away. I feel like im on an adventure and love all the things I find. Today I saw pop corn lollipops dipped in white chocolate @ "Brown Paper Bag". Ofcourse I got lost in all the wonderful projects and links leading me to other blog like "Beyond the Picket Fence" where I am inspired to start painting my kitchen chairs.

I love getting to travel back in time with all my favorite vintage,victorian, and retro bloggers.  Check out
 "Jersey Girl Blog" and "Bobby Pin Blog".  There are so many more but I do spend all my time looking and not writing. Thats ok I have fun and get inspired like at "Todays Creative Blog Spot".   I could just keep going but I am now sitting here way too long. gota run. Visit those sites and have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy Evening

Sat in hubby's office early this evening and enjoyed a storm that threatened to break all day. His office is a room (front porch) full of windows and it was so relaxing and cool. 
 It was a low stress day today. Thank goodness my baby feels better and is finally napping during the days in his crib. He still nurses but really just 2 times a day and only for a few mins then i give him his snugy/bottle with formula and then daddy puts him in bed. my 2 yr old and almost 6 yr old need more to do during the day. Tomorrow I am off to the craft store to find some things I need for tea cup charms I'm making and I will look for things for the boys. Maybe goto the educational teacher store.
I need to keep them busy or they start fighting out of boredom. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can hardly believe my lil baby is 11 months old already.  I remember the day i brought him home how excited my boys were to see this little baby that was in mommy's big belly.  
Wow it all is going so fast.  I truly wish i was a couple yrs younger to have more or try for that girl. Oh well what can I do. I love my boys so much.  
Last night was so sad for me. I am still nursing Ethan, all though he is being weaned he gets breastfed before bed. He also was running a fever (still is pediatrician @ 10 today) so this could be why he absolutely did not want to nurse or be any where near me.  It was so strange to me and it made me emotional. 

Facebook | My Photos - my handmade jewel's

Facebook | My Photos - my handmade jewel's

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well I really have been thinking about my life and what changes need to be made.  This makes for a very long list.   

  • Organize the kids stuff
  •     "          our stuff
  • Keep a calender
  • put items back after use
  • lose some weight
  • make a craft area 
  • eliminate extra clothing
  • establish a morning routine before the family awakes
  • leave the house more often
This last one is a major change.  Why? I dont know if its because I have been home so long nursing  my infant children over the past 2 yrs or if its my anxiety.  the thought of getting everyone  (me included) dressed and out to the car is daunting. Then where to go?  I usually cant think of anywhere that doesnt cost something.  Parks are scarey with 3 small children.  I dont know if I am making excuses here or not.  I think I may have a little depression as well. 
One thing about thinking of the things you want to change can put you in a very negative state of mind.  I cant seem to find the answers or maybe I deny seeing them. I know I will be praying on it.
 Hope this post makes sense to you all. It's a bit random like me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Plus-size Dress at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

Vintage Plus-size Dress at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing
i would love to get this dress

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's A Household Notebook? | Organized Home

What's A Household Notebook? | Organized Home

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday in May

What a beautiful day today was.  First off hubby let me sleep to 10:30 this morning. 

He also made me pancakes for breakfast.

Then we went to the farm that is right down the road from our house.  We just love it!  The boys run around, we pick strawberries.

 I love Dawn's little cottage

And the shop area

         This keeps the country girl in me alive

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow it's another weekend

The week's are just flying by so fast and we have so much to do. GW has his 6th birthday coming and then my baby boy turns one in july and JD turns 3 in September. I also turn 39 this summer and I think we will skip that one or not I love cake HEHE .

Have a great weekend everyone.

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