Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why is Kindergarten so stressful

My oldest is in kindergarten and I feel like I am back at school. The amount of work they do is the amount I did in 4th 5th grade. He comes home with the work he did 4 or 5 sheets of it in two hours !! then home work every night!! The stress to remember everything and take care of my 2 yr old and 9 month old. Then when his penmanship is that of a 5 yr old she marks his paper up with be fat 4 or question marks and X's. I wonder if it's just me or are they not putting to much on our kids so fast. ha today they made them stay a full school day to make up for snow days. The teacher called us flabergasted that we could forget his thursday they get pizza on the full makeup day. She couldnt understand that we got the two days confused.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

catch up a little

Time just flies and I find myself wishing I had taken the time to sit and blog about my boys and our family and all the small things that occur. Like jake dressing himself and not wanting to focus on anything but the positive we let him goto preschool with his shirt on inside out. Like Ethan being 9 months old already and his silly but very cute laugh and his newest is dancing with his arms and boppin his head when any little music plays (tv commercials from the other room). My George wow is gonna be 6 in june and is now playing tee ball and daddy is coaching. Fist game is on thursday. They are so young they mostly try to chase the ball. They havent even gotten to using the bat and hitting the ball so the game should very interesting. So I plan to find my way on here to write and not just play pogo or scan facebook.

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