Monday, June 21, 2010

Pemberley Style: Big Pemberley Collections Giveaway!

Pemberley Style: Big Pemberley Collections Giveaway!

Friday, June 11, 2010


The weeks fly by so fast and the weekends even faster, so its nice to just sit and enjoy the moment with friends and food and pretty things. I am lucky to live down the road from a farm and the owner is my age and we have alot in common.  When she asked me to come to her cottage for a tea party I was so excited. She has the prettiest cottage.      You can find pics in other posts of the outside and the farm. Here are some of that day (I wish i took more). I met two very nice women who I have seen before but as Stephenie (one of the ladies I met) said another face in the crowd. We would all be at the same get togethers at the farm but never met. I actually know names and even a litttle bit about them.  For me thats so improtant as i tend to seclude myself (anxiety?disorder) at times and over the yrs find myself without many girl friends. So now I made two new girlfriends. Brenda and Stephanie thanks for making me feel so comfortable and I can't wait for sunset cocktails @ the farm with the lovely Dawn. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have not had one second to sit and write and when I do sit here I find myself lost in a sea of blogs. They just carry me away. I feel like im on an adventure and love all the things I find. Today I saw pop corn lollipops dipped in white chocolate @ "Brown Paper Bag". Ofcourse I got lost in all the wonderful projects and links leading me to other blog like "Beyond the Picket Fence" where I am inspired to start painting my kitchen chairs.

I love getting to travel back in time with all my favorite vintage,victorian, and retro bloggers.  Check out
 "Jersey Girl Blog" and "Bobby Pin Blog".  There are so many more but I do spend all my time looking and not writing. Thats ok I have fun and get inspired like at "Todays Creative Blog Spot".   I could just keep going but I am now sitting here way too long. gota run. Visit those sites and have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy Evening

Sat in hubby's office early this evening and enjoyed a storm that threatened to break all day. His office is a room (front porch) full of windows and it was so relaxing and cool. 
 It was a low stress day today. Thank goodness my baby feels better and is finally napping during the days in his crib. He still nurses but really just 2 times a day and only for a few mins then i give him his snugy/bottle with formula and then daddy puts him in bed. my 2 yr old and almost 6 yr old need more to do during the day. Tomorrow I am off to the craft store to find some things I need for tea cup charms I'm making and I will look for things for the boys. Maybe goto the educational teacher store.
I need to keep them busy or they start fighting out of boredom. 

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