Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its a Wonderful Life


My life has been and continues to be an incredible journey.  I have been so blessed with all that surrounds me.  My beautiful boys and my little baby girl. My loving doting husband.   Dont get me wrong, its not all cartwheels and butterflies. I have finally realised to let things be and to live with life in unison and not fight the currents.   Learn through everything! 

I learned when I ask for it comes. when I pray and meditate with Christ, I always am graced with receiving.   Now through prayer I have received the gift of Health in mind body and spirit. 

I have been looking to be apart of a MLM buisness. I just wanted to find the right one. I had been involved in a few over the years. Then I started my Miche buisness. Amazing pocketbooks with designer interchangeable shells. Amazing product but I could only do as well as each home party. I was just not in a position to commit to it. Anxiety played a big factor. Support also played a part. It just wasn't there. For me or the friend who turned me on to it. (No fault to my friend at all) 

Then I kept seeing posts from friends about how they were using natural remedies for health and healing. I asked about and was introduced to the greatest gift, Young Living Essential oils. Not only did I want and need the product but it fit in with my desire to start a buisness.   I was hooked. I am hooked! 

So dont be surprised when alot of my blogging is about this product and the people who use me. 
Im so Excited to be a part of something that can give so much to others. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring 2013

We just held my baby girls 1st birthday party. Everything turned out great, though nothing like I had imagined it would be,  in terms of theme and decorating. I had all these great ideas for a shabby chic garden party. I made a whole board (on Pinterest) dedicated to Trulie Rose first birthday. I had very grandiose ideas but new it could be done with planning. I could plan all I wanted but with 60 people I needed to let go of this cute little cottage garden party image   There will be next year:) It was a great party and all my family was there, and some of Eric's. Everyone was very generous and Trulie received beautiful dresses and outfits. A baby doll she just loves and so much more. It was a great day!

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