Sunday, February 28, 2010

my Georgie

My cub

Saturday, February 27, 2010


My children are seeing me talk about whats making me stressed and they see me resolve my issues and we talk together about it. both when they are mine or their's. Nobody is perfect. It's not what hapeens but how we react to them. Something my hubby has been saying to me forever. I am growing up with my kids and learning self control right along with them.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Laura Geller launches new website! Kick Off Dis...

Laura Geller launches new website! Kick Off Dis...

Finding the Joy

So today was a little better but I just a got a lot more help today with hubby kinda putting buisness on the backburner. So I know its the behaviors that are getting me upset. I need to find a way to teach them better behavior, in a calm manner, otherwise I will just be going in circles. I am the adult. I need to exhibite good behavior to teach good behavior. Then I can enjoy my children with out me constantly saying stop this dont do that and no one listening. I am off to find good parenting sites ideas. All to be posted!

My youngest

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Old Yeller

I have turned into one of those mom's.  You know those mom's who nag about everything.
A mom who yell's to be heard.  Yup I know it. I am on a mission to stop.  It's not easy. I try to stop when it happens but am having a very hard time.  The boys are bit wild but they have been snowed in and our house is pretty small and I find my self very stressed instead of enjoying the times that I know I am going to wish to have back in the future.  It doesnt help that I have high blood pressure and am not in good health.  I have not had a period in 17 months ( I was preggo's for 10 of those) and I have anxiety disorder. Also I am in remission from Graves Disease (due for testing on that).  I started a web site (through Google) and I think the first thing I am going to concentrate on Mom's like me who are stressed and or have health issues. I know it can help me and maybe others and my kids.  I love them and I want them to feel free to be children. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sleep baby sleep

well I have no choice but to let him cry it out. Ofcourse not a very long time as long as its daddy going to him and not mommy and milk. Im sitting here listining to him scream and its so hard, so so hard not to go to him. I know he is fine tho and daddy is right there...ok ok its gotten quiet now so either he fell asleep or his daddy picked him up. This has to happen as It will help to wean him as well. I just cant have a mobile one yr old child chasing me down for milk. Daddy just said he is a sleep HIGH FIVES !! 10 mins later.. screaming baby 2 mins later....wait wai t wa i t ....screaming baby...damit...should I go ..ok Im going
I'm trying to enjoy this or at least find the enjoyment in it. I just gave my two yr old and five yr old boys a bath. It was ridicules! Hitting and jumping around splashing. now normally daddy gives them baths and really lets them go crazy and when they go in our jetted tub he adds bubbles! I thought I could relax and let them goof off a little but I wound a yelling and screaming and getting all stressed out. Sooo next time, (yes a next time) It will be first the 2 yr old 10 mins alone 5 yr old gets in 5 mins together and the 2 yr old gets out. the 5 yr old will then wash himself and enjoy his 15 mins. Now I am gonna do this in two days providing they don't get too dirty tomorrow.

Shopping like a five yr old

I took my 5 yr old son with me to market and I think I let him pick out everything, because I came home with lots of chips crackers and cheese, cookies and cake!! I did buy veggies and fruit and meats so I am sure I was present.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sleeping solo

so my youngest son is 7 months old and he has been sleeping in my arms all his life. (you may hear me complain about the pain) Time to get him to sleep on his own. so today was a day of putting him down and picking him up. I'm exhausted. It all started with nursing and falling a sleep and just holding him till morning. I know its hard for me not to be near him so its got to be real hard on him. Hubby needs to stay with him at night but i find him waking me around 3ish to take over and the cycle just starts again. Tonight might be the night. Right now he is crying and as a nursing mom its hard not to go to him. its hard for hubby not to call me to him. oh sleep baby sleep ..pleasssse

The "blog" in me

OK so I started this blog and then realised every time I thought I was just posting i was actually making a new blog. sort of like a set of books and each post is like the chapter of that book. So organization is the key here ..and everywhere in my life and its just something I am having a hard time with. With three boys that is not a good thing. I guess I could write about that in a whole new blog....

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