Friday, February 26, 2010

Old Yeller

I have turned into one of those mom's.  You know those mom's who nag about everything.
A mom who yell's to be heard.  Yup I know it. I am on a mission to stop.  It's not easy. I try to stop when it happens but am having a very hard time.  The boys are bit wild but they have been snowed in and our house is pretty small and I find my self very stressed instead of enjoying the times that I know I am going to wish to have back in the future.  It doesnt help that I have high blood pressure and am not in good health.  I have not had a period in 17 months ( I was preggo's for 10 of those) and I have anxiety disorder. Also I am in remission from Graves Disease (due for testing on that).  I started a web site (through Google) and I think the first thing I am going to concentrate on Mom's like me who are stressed and or have health issues. I know it can help me and maybe others and my kids.  I love them and I want them to feel free to be children. 

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