Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow it is the middle of July already. I can not grasp how quickly time goes by. I really wish i could sometimes. Even when I stop in the moment and think how sweet it is and I savor it, yet it is over quicker then I can think it. 
The boys are growing so fast and the baby is walking all over. I will be 39 this August. Good grief. I guess just to old to have anymore babies and hubby is done. I wish I was younger and healthier. My anxiety is the least of it. More or less is my BP  and arthritis. I do so love my boys but yes I did and do dream of a girl. I have actually had to stop thinking of a girl's name for future child but alas I am done and embraced by three wonderful little roughigans and I am pleased. Overjoyed really as about 7 1/2 yrs ago i ached to have just one child and for it to be a he and I thought it would not happen for me and I am so blessed to have my darling son GW  who is now a big boy @ 6yrs old. Moreover I am triply blessed to have 2 more bouncing boys. They are some bunch "my boys" hubby included. 


  1. Reading your thoughts remind me of what Victoria Beckham said a while back. She too has three boys and she often thinks about having a girl and all the wonderful things a mom and daughter can share and do together.

  2. Your boys look like such sweeties! :)

  3. Have fun and enjoy--they will grow very fast!

    Have a fab Tuesday.


  4. I had a "girl name," too -- four times. Never used it. But I do love my boys -- all four of them! You should come over and visit sometime. I know exactly how you feel and I've written a book about it!

    Blessings on you, Boy Mom!


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