Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To School and a New Job

This was a really long summer but now it seems like it was not long enough. I had all three boys at home. Little E who turned two this summer seems to copy every thing his older brothers do and that's usually yelling, fighting, making messes and saying no to me. J is almost four and G turned 7 this summer. I always worry how will they behave as they get older. Right now they are so defiant that I pretty much wind up screaming my head off for them to stop or else. I really have to get that or else going.  Inspite of all there not so good behavior they are so loving and caring. I could just cry when I see how much they adore each other. With two off to school (preschool) the house is very quiet and little E is restless. 4-8 pm is Loud and chaotic even more then when they were home all day. I wonder how big E will cope when I am working at my new Job. Its been 10 yrs since I have worked out side the home. I am so excited to get back but also stressed at how to work it all. I just will keep my fingers crossed and my hands together in prayer. What else can I do! 

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