Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well I really have been thinking about my life and what changes need to be made.  This makes for a very long list.   

  • Organize the kids stuff
  •     "          our stuff
  • Keep a calender
  • put items back after use
  • lose some weight
  • make a craft area 
  • eliminate extra clothing
  • establish a morning routine before the family awakes
  • leave the house more often
This last one is a major change.  Why? I dont know if its because I have been home so long nursing  my infant children over the past 2 yrs or if its my anxiety.  the thought of getting everyone  (me included) dressed and out to the car is daunting. Then where to go?  I usually cant think of anywhere that doesnt cost something.  Parks are scarey with 3 small children.  I dont know if I am making excuses here or not.  I think I may have a little depression as well. 
One thing about thinking of the things you want to change can put you in a very negative state of mind.  I cant seem to find the answers or maybe I deny seeing them. I know I will be praying on it.
 Hope this post makes sense to you all. It's a bit random like me.


  1. As I looked at my previous post I relized I can goto the farm for an hour at least and its walking distance tho keeping the kids safe with out a sidewalk and believe it or not the speed limit is 40 mph on my very residential street, and a short cut for many cars.. well may I can figure something out.

  2. I know how you feel. I'm like that too. Only we don't have a car so it's the thought of getting on the bus and dealing with a bored toddler in town. I have had agoraphobia in the past though so i have to make myself go out or the anxiety gets too bad. Getting out with three kids is a challenge to say the least, but at least when you do it, you will feel you have achieved something. Good luck!
    Sal. X


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