Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Treadmill's and Toddler's

No one had an babies are all fine. Today I had a stress test for the first time. I was nervous about it. I tend to talk alot when i am nervous so ofcourse i told the nurse and tech that I had never been on a treadmill. So they start me off and immediatly they raised it to a jog and uphill so i thought i was going to fall and I jumped off. The tech wasnt going to let me do it again and I told her to give me a break I was nervous i was going to fall. So I did do it and I had some extra beats and high BP. So I will see what the doctor says. Now that money is tight Jake is home with me as well and after 12 I have all three with me..sheesh I need a plan. Jake my 2 yr old has me going nuts trying to keep him occupied especialy when I am trying to nurse the baby. Tho those days are coming, sadly and fortunately to a close. Ethan is so active and chasing the two of them should really help me get in shape.

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