Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little League Little oops

I finally made it to Georgies T-ball game. All 5 of us scramble to get there on time. Everyone in the van, pulling out the driveway and George say's "Look at Jakes feet!" Oops..forgot to put shoes on him. turn around got the shoes now scrambling to get there 5 mins late..oops. We get there and it's a beautiful early evening game. Poppy is there and helps. George did great. Game is over time for snack...oops It was our turn to bring snacks. Ok big oops. Boy did I feel like the worst mom. Well just to make up for it I am thinking of bring them all snack for after practice, tho they don't normally have snack but for game day. I don't think anyone will mind and it shows I do care. What to bring them. .. hmmm, well I have a day to think about it.

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