Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ok so usually I let Eric (hubby) get the kids up and moving and I pretty much sit around with my coffee, feed the baby and help with breakfast, but as far as getting them up and out of bed I just dont have the patience for. I wind up starting everyones day off on a sour note, so I just let eric get it all started. 
Today though Eric had some business  in NYC and he leeft before everyone woke. I got up at 7 and had everyone up dressed and fed by 8:15 and time to relax before the bus came at 8:38am. Everyone was in a good mood noone was rushed and I may be the one waking them from now on. 

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  1. Nothing ever runs smoothly in the mornings if my hubby is in my house, the girls and I have our mornings running like a finely tuned machine but he can manage to put a spanner in the works if he is here! xxxx


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