Thursday, May 13, 2010

Housewife blues

I dont know how all you mom's do it!! I am so tired and I did only the absolute must do's.  How do you clean house while a 2 yr old is systematically taking apart each room. Formula all over the pantry and kitchen. Every drawer in the house emptied.  good grief I am completely frustrated today. Typically on days like this I dont want to do a darn thing. BUT!!  George has baseball practice and JAke and the baby need to eat dinner take baths and ethan will nurse. The dishes are still dirty and laundry well lets just say I have "some" to do.  I really need a night out. I have not had a night out since I conceived ethan (20 months ago!!) I don't really go anywhere or have any friends close by.  I tend to be ahome body but even this Bird needs to fluff her feathers once every 2 yrs.  Tomorrow is friday maybe I will go to Karaokie. When I wrote that I felt no desire to go out to the pub or sing. I must be getting old. I am hoping tonight to get in the J-tub with a glass of wine. I will have to get to that laundry first tho if i want to get into a clean bed or clean jammies or dry off....

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  1. Hey neighbor! I feel the same way. A fulltime job all week then taking care of a all. My spare time. I guess that why I stopped after one child. I figure I'll have my life back when he turns15 or so. But anyway I am looking forward to the Tea Party on Sunday. Is 1:30 ok?


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